What Is shockgore?

shockgore is a UK-based film festival that celebrates horror, sci-fi, and exploitation cinema. If you’re a fan of gore and shocks, this is the festival for you. The event looks to bring together all those people whether audience members or filmmakers .who have a passion for the genre. This book of short stories is Strand at its best. Where he will come up with his wild idea and I will not know and I will never want to know. But one thing’s for sure: these stories are guaranteed to give you nightmares.

What is shockgore?

Shock & Gore is an annual festival held in the UK that celebrates films and stories of horror, mayhem, and suspense. It features a lineup of independent filmmakers as well as established directors who present their works to a diverse audience. The films range from full-length feature films to short films and documentaries that explore various aspects of horror, violence, death, and other themes related to the genre.

The festival also includes panel discussions with industry leaders about topics such as the ethics of filmmaking surrounding the subject matter, how to scare people safely and responsibly onscreen, what makes a successful horror movie or story, and much more. Attendees can take part in Q&A sessions with directors and writers about their work and even attend masterclasses by renowned horror experts.

What kind of films are shown at shockgore?

From horror to thriller, to comedy and beyond. Shock & Gore is the ultimate destination for movie lovers looking for something different than your typical blockbuster. Each festival showcases a wide variety of films from around the world, bringing together filmmakers and viewers who have an interest in pushing boundaries with their cinema experience. Films are specifically chosen for their unique approach to storytelling or overall concepts that explore societal taboos or dark subject matter in interesting ways.

The festival also prides itself on being inclusive and open to all sorts of ideas, meaning there is something for everyone at Shock & Gore. Whether you’re looking for a thought-provoking independent film, an edgy horror flick, or just want a good laugh Shock & Gore has something for you. This event is quickly becoming one of the biggest and most celebrated film festivals in the UK, so if you’re looking to see something new and exciting be sure to check it out.

How to get tickets?

Shock & Gore is an exciting and unique film festival that takes place in the UK. It brings together horror fans, filmmakers, and movie aficionados from all around the world to celebrate their love of all things gruesome, shocking and gory. Tickets for Shock & Gore can be purchased online through the official website www.shockgore.co.uk or at select cinemas across the country.

Once tickets are purchased, attendees will have access to a variety of screenings featuring classic horror films as well as new releases, special guest appearances, and exclusive merchandise only available at Shock & Gore events. So if you’re looking for a night of screaming terror then grab your tickets and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

What to expect when you go?

Shock & Gore is an annual festival held in the UK that celebrates horror films and other dark art forms. It has been running since 2009 and is dedicated to showcasing some of the most cutting-edge, creative, and frightening works of horror cinema. The festival looks to bring together fans of horror, both filmmakers and audience members alike, who share a common love for all things spooky.

At Shock & Gore, you can expect to see some truly twisted and stomach-churning works of art throughout the weekend. Films such as “The Human Centipede” or “A Serbian Film” have become cult classics because they feature extreme violence, and disturbing subject matter, and often provoke strong reactions from viewers.

Who organizes shockgore?

Shock & Gore is organized by the UK-based production company Shocking Pictures. The festival was established in 2014 with the goal to bring together people who have an interest in horror and sci-fi movies, music, comics, and art. The team behind Shock & Gore consists of both experienced professionals from the film industry as well as individual enthusiasts who share a passion for horror culture.

What happens at Shock & Gore?

At Shock & Gore, attendees can expect a wide range of attractions including movie screenings, live performances from horror bands and DJs, panel discussions with special guests, interactive exhibits featuring props and costumes from classic films, vendors selling geeky merchandise, film competitions where aspiring filmmakers can showcase their work, and much more. The festival is a great place for horror fans and movie-buffs of all ages to come together, explore their shared interests, and have a great time.

Why it’s important to have festivals like ShockGore?

It is important to have festivals like Shock & Gore because they provide an avenue for the horror genre to be explored. Horror films can often be considered controversial, but at Shock & Gore, these films are celebrated and given a chance to reach their full potential. This festival looks to bring together fans of horror from all walks of life and celebrate their shared love of the genre. It allows people to come together in a safe setting where they feel free to express themselves and enjoy films that might not normally get much recognition.

By creating a platform for this kind of expression, Shock & Gore helps foster creativity and exploration within the horror genre. Additionally, it gives filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their work, which may otherwise struggle to find an audience without this kind of support. As a result, Shock & Gore serves as an important outlet for horror fans and filmmakers alike, promoting understanding, appreciation, and appreciation of this oft-misunderstood genre.


Shock & Gore is the perfect festival for horror and gore fans to come together and enjoy things that they would otherwise not be allowed to experience. The atmosphere is electric, the films are often disturbing but fascinating at the same time, and it’s a great way of getting away from everyday life. If you’re into horror or gore, then Shock & Gore is certainly worth checking out.


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