Why you should never leave your border collie alone?

If you’re the proud owner of a border collie, you don’t need us to tell you that they are some of the most intelligent, loyal, and active dogs around. They possess an incredible capacity for learning which makes them ideal pets – particularly if you have enough time and dedication to put into training your dog. But despite their advanced levels of intelligence, there is one thing many owners fail to realize: leaving a Border collie alone for too long can have serious consequences. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at why it is so important not to leave your border collie alone and what steps you should take as an owner in order to prevent negative behaviors from occurring while you are away.

Border collies are bred to work and need plenty of exercise and stimulation

Border collies are known as workaholic dogs and it’s no wonder why; they were bred to herd and be active, working on farms day in and day out. Border collies need plenty of exercises and mental stimulation to stay healthy and stay out of trouble. If you’re thinking about owning a Border collie, you must accept their furry spirit of adventure! A Border collie can find entertainment in all sorts of activities, from hiking with its owners to learning new tricks and agility courses. There’s no doubt that Border collies will keep the family entertained for years to come, but be sure to provide them with plenty of exercises, or else you might end up with a bored Border collie – and we all know how ‘herding’ that can be.

They can become destructive if left alone for long periods of time

Border collies may appear to be all sweet and cute, but don’t be fooled—they come with a warning! Sure, they are loyal and smart companions; however, when left alone for extended periods of time, Border collies can become quite destructive little misfits. Just like all the baddies in The Avengers assembled, Border collies have a unique set of superpowers that can wreak havoc if not properly managed. So if you’ve got one of these four-legged superheroes around your house, make sure to give them plenty of attention to save the day.

Without proper training, they may start herding other animals or people

Border collies have a natural instinct that makes them amazing herding animals, but this same instinct poses some problems if they don’t receive any proper training. Without proper guidance, these Border collies may start to herd anything they can get their paws on—that could be other animals or even people. Let’s just say that Border collies do not discriminate when it comes to the stock they want to wrangle! It’s important to remember that these scruffy dogs need guidance and training in order to be the efficient herding dogs we all know and love.

They are prone to separation anxiety and may bark or chew on things when left alone

Border collies are known for being loyal and smart, but their devotion also comes with a price. They are prone to separation anxiety when left alone, so if you’re a Border collie parent it’s best to be prepared for some occasional barking or chew marks on your belongings while they pine away for their beloved owners. But no matter what troubles you may experience, it’s easy to forgive these sweet pups – after all, the amount of love they offer more than makes up for any minor mishaps.


In conclusion, border collies are amazing creatures and a joy to many families. They are quite handsome with their long fur and intelligent eyes, as well as incredibly talented when it comes to herding livestock or competing in dog sports. Border collies bring incredible energy and enthusiasm into our lives, whether providing us with hours of entertainment in playful antics or bringing comfort with loyal companionship. Their undying loyalties have been key ingredients for happiness for many generations; may such blessings continue for years to come.


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