Getmailrc – Examples of mail configuration sections

What is a getmailrc file?

A getmailrc file is a configuration file used by the getmail program. It’s generally located at /etc/getmailrc. This file contains information about the email servers that getmail should connect to. It also contains settings for how getmail should handle email messages.

What are configuration sections?

Configuration sections are groups of settings that you can use to customize Getmail. You can create as many configuration sections as you need to organize your mail settings in the way that is most comfortable for you. Each configuration section has its own set of options, and you can access them by clicking the corresponding link in the getmailrc file.

Examples of different configurations

If you’re new to Getmailrc, you may be wondering what all the different configuration sections do. This blog post will show you some of the most common ones and explain what they do.The main configuration section is the getmailrc file. Here, you can set up your email settings. You can specify the hostname where your mail server is located, the port on which it listens, and the user name and password for your mail account.Another common configuration section is the aliases file. This file contains a list of all your email addresses (aliases) and their corresponding email addresses (real addresses). Whenever you send an email, Getmail will automatically send it to the alias rather than the real address.The final configuration section is the mailboxes file. This file contains a list of all your email accounts, including their associated mailbox paths. Getmail will automatically create a mailbox for each new mail account that you create.

How to use the configuration files

If you are new to using Getmail, or if you just want to customize your email behavior, you may want to read the configuration files. There are several configuration files in getmailrc, which can be found at:~/.getmailrc ~/.mail.rc/etc/mail/getmail.confEach of these files contains different settings that affect how your emails are handled. For example, the .getmailrc file contains settings for how the mail server is contacted, while the /etc/mail/getmail.conf file defines how messages are handled by Mailerto (a tool used to process incoming email).

Smart mailboxes

In order to get the most out of your mail, you need to configure it correctly. One way to do this is by using smart mailbox configurations. A smart mailbox is a mailbox that is configured to receive all of your mail from a single source, such as your work email account. This allows you to reduce the number of emails that you have to manage and reduces the chances of missing important emails. You can also use smart mailbox configurations to organize your email by topic or by recipient.


In this article, we have looked at some of the most common mail configuration sections. We have seen how to set up your SMTP server, sender authentication, and relay settings. We have also shown you how to create a custom delivery notification rule. The conclusion of this article is that Getmailrc is an extremely versatile tool for managing your mail server.


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