How to get the rainbow panda in blooket?

How to get the rainbow panda in blooket?

How to get the rainbow panda in blooket? Well, don’t worry, we’ll show you just how easy it is to capture this from-the-sky cutie and add her to your collection. From what items are needed in order to catch the panda through understanding the game mechanics of rainbow panda catching, we promise that after reading this post you not only will be able to bring home a new addition but also be completely knowledgeable on all things rainbow pandas! So let’s jump right into it and start discovering all there is about getting your hands on a colorful balloon floater.

 What is the rainbow panda in blooket and how do you get it?

The rainbow panda is a rare creature recently added to the popular video game bloke. This colorful beast offers exciting challenges and unlocks special rewards when players complete its levels. How can you get the rainbow panda? Only those with VIP members have access to this unique and exclusive character, so upgrading your membership will be the first step towards unlocking its achievements. Take on the challenge of a bloke and become one of the few who have obtained this elusive creature.

What are the benefits of getting the rainbow panda in blooket?

The rainbow panda in Bloke is considered a prized possession and for good reason. Not only does it look magnificent with its vibrant rainbow fur, but it also brings several benefits to the lucky player that owns it. An owner of a rainbow panda receives in-game perks such as access to exclusive blokes and extra coins for their adventures. How does one get their hands on this magical creature? It requires dedication and lots of skill—only the most experienced Bloke players can manage to catch one! With enough practice, even newcomers can become accomplished Bloke masters and capture the majestic creature.

How to get the rainbow panda in blooket for free?

If you’re looking for a free way to get the rainbow panda in the bloke, you’ve come to the right place! There are a few tips and tricks that can easily help rack up points on the app so you can get your hands on this exclusive character without spending any money. First, look out for special events and other promotions – participating often earns you extra points. Second, take advantage of referral bonuses – by referring your friends to blokes and getting them to register you’ll score some big rewards. Finally, watch videos during the game itself – these videos offer quick points that add up over time and eventually can be exchanged for that rainbow panda.

Tips for keeping your rainbow panda in bloke healthy and happy

Keeping your rainbow panda in bloke is a great way to ensure its health and happiness! Rainbow pandas require plenty of physical activity and should be taken on walks as often as possible. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the rainbow panda in the bloke has access to fresh food, water, and toys. How do you get the rainbow panda in the first place? You can usually find them in pet stores or online marketplace websites – just make sure to buy only from reputable sources Taking special care of your rainbow panda will guarantee its comfort and well-being.


When it comes to getting the rainbow panda in the bloke, a few steps are necessary. Firstly, players must complete all the levels with at least three stars each. Secondly, they will receive the token of respect which should be donated to Bixby at level 150, and finally, they need to collect three golden eggs hidden in different levels and use them to obtain the coveted creature. Ultimately, by executing these steps players can get their hands on the rainbow panda in the bloke.


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